I'm Mark Sawyer, a wildlife-watching guide on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. I took the photographs featured here on or around the waters of British Columbia, with the vast majority captured around Tofino and Ucluelet, BC .

I primarily use photography to better understand the wildlife around me.

Most of the images I take are linked to photo-identification studies on the coast. I submit images of grey whales to the Pacific Wildlife Foundation. Images of humpback whales to both the Pacific Wildlife Foundation and the Marine Education & Research Society. Images of killer whales are submitted to Strawberry Isle Marine Research Society. Through images we can better understand the social structure, site fidelity and behaviours of the wildlife in and around our waters.

Ultimately, I hope my images can in some small way ensure these sights are seen and protected for years to come.

Thanks for visiting, and if you have any questions or requests, please email me at MarkSawyerPhotography@gmail.com.


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